Today’s post is dedicated to women. I create this project using a song from the spanish singer Bebe, that is called “Malo”. The first photo is title “sorrow” the middle one is “repressed” and the last one “freedom”. The idea of the project it is to bring up the women abuse problem that nowadays still is happening and criticized. To make the photos more dramatic, I retouch them with Photoshop.

I hope you like them

Hola, El posteo para hoy ve dedicado a las mujeres. Este projecto a sido creado utilizando una cancion llamada “Malo” de la cantante española Bebe. La primera foto esta titulada como “Tristeza”, la segunda “represion” y la ultima “libertad”. La idea del projecto es tratar el problema del abuso a mujeres, que todavia sigue ocurriendo y criticarlo. Para hacer las fotos mas dramaticas las he retocado con Photoshop.

Espero que os gusten

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